The Best Educational YouTube Channels for Learners of All Ages

As the world becomes more connected through the internet, we are finding new ways to learn continuously. YouTube is an incredible source of knowledge that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It’s full of educational videos on topics ranging from cooking to quantum physics, so there’s something for everyone.

The following list includes some of the best educational YouTube channels according to the type of learner you are. Keep scrolling to find out which channel is best for you!


As its name implies, TED-Ed is a YouTube channel dedicated to videos featuring Ted Talks and the TED conference. The channel also contains a large number of individual TED Talks, as well as TED Talks for Teachers. As the name implies, TED-Ed is an extremely valuable resource for students who are looking for new and interesting ways to learn.

TED-Ed educates by combining short videos with their speakers, which can provide a very engaging learning experience. TED Talks are a great way to learn something new without feeling like you have to do any reading or homework.

TED talks are usually limited to 15 minutes, so students can use them as a study guide and motivation before they sit down to read a long book.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a resource for anyone who wants to learn something new. The most amazing part that I love about Khan Academy is that you can have the facility to learn at your own pace. It’s a free online resource that has different YouTube channels for everyone from pre-K learners to high school students.

It includes short videos about subjects that interest you. These include quantum physics, chemistry, biology, and more. Khan Academy is a great way for anyone to learn at their own pace.

Crash Course

A unique way to learn the basics of a particular subject or skill, Crash Course is popular with both college students and parents. Students can get a great overview of the material they’ll be learning while their parents can find themselves useful when providing basic advice on how to approach an unfamiliar subject.

Apni Kaksha

Apni Kaksha channel was founded by Aman Dhattarwal who has a place in one of the youngest millionaires of India. Aman has started this channel to provide free high-quality education to Indian students. Further, He is also working on a project to introduce inexpensive coaching classes at various locations in India. He has even hired 70+ top-quality educators from all across India.


Some of these educational YouTube channels have excellent educational videos that are fun to watch, while others are educational channels that have really produced excellent videos. Finding the right video to supplement your learning is a challenging process, but you should keep an eye out for other informative YouTube channels and websites.

The following list is just a taste of what the internet has to offer. Share this article with your friends to help them learn something new.


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