Battle of the Fast Food Fries

There has always been a debate on which fast-food chain has the best french fries. I've had discussions with my friends and watched many Youtube videos of people judging which place has the best fries. So which fast-food chain has the best fries?

Let's start by comparing each fast-food chain, the basic popular ones. First, I'll be starting with McDonald's french fries, which they are infamous for their fries. Their fries contain this addicting quality where I just always crave it. It's usually always nicely salted, crispy, golden, and soft on the inside. If you haven't tried McDonald fries with ice cream, you're missing out. Next is In-N-Out, their fries are the freshest compared to any other fast-food chain out there. It's always perfectly crispy golden brown and soft on the inside. Now let's talk about Raising Canes, there's nothing super special about their fries but dipped in their sauce, deliciousness. I am now moving on to the lower tier of fast-food chain fries, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy's, and Five Guy's. I'm going to generalize all of their french fries because they're all basic fries in my opinion. Although, Taco Bell's nacho fries are amazing. I just tried them last week for the first time and wish I had tried them sooner.

As you might have noticed already, In-N-Out and McDonald's french fries are my favorites. For McDonald's, you can never go wrong with their fries and there's a McDonald's everywhere. It's convenient for fries. For In-N-Out, you get fresh fries with a fresh cheeseburger and they make a delightful combination. I love eating pepperoncinis and In-N-Out secret sauce with their fries. If I had to choose one place for the best fries, it would be In-N-Out.


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