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Learn layout programs such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Then develop an extensive comprehension of graphic design concepts and processes, allowing you to create great-looking modern designs, and expand your portfolio. Master the Adobe Software: Edit & retouch photos in Photoshop, produce vector images in Illustrator, and design documents in InDesign Learn Design Fundamentals: Understand composition, typography, color, design concept, and more Create a Portfolio: Produce projects like social networking graphics, logos, and cover art to showcase customers or companies This 72-hour certification program is open to beginners and accepted by the New York State Department of Education. What You'll Learn Adobe Photoshop to retouch photos & produce graphics Adobe InDesign to produce page layouts with text & graphics Adobe Illustrator to create vector images such as logos, icons, & more Understand graphic design concepts & processes Learn more about the components of layout Produce & expand your graphic design portfolio Learn how to speak about your job and how to incorporate and assess critiques enhance your comprehension of graphic design concepts and processes, both conceptual and formal Enhance your skills as a graphic designer Learn with Hands-on Projects Learn practical skills by working on real projects with teacher lectures and guidance to fortify and improve your ability. Courses in the Certificate Program This is the recommended order, but a few classes have been taken in a different order. See the FAQ for more details. Unit 118 Hours Create designs with text, colour, & graphics. Create multi-page files. 

Get your files for final output: print or PDF Unit 218 Hours Learn to Publish photos, create graphics, and much more. Improve your images by correcting color, contrast, and much more. Find out how to prepare images for use on the internet or in print. Unit 318 Hours Create different types of images: logos, icons, patterns, packaging, typography, and a lot more. Find out the Pen tool together with our drawing on templates. They will assist you get through the process of producing electronic drawings. Create vector graphics for web and print. Unit 418 Hours Broaden your comprehension of graphic design concepts and processes, both formal and conceptual. Understand the components of layout and enhance your skill as a designer.        


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