Whiskey Sour Cocktail Recipe and Facts

What is in the Whiskey Sour Cocktail?

The Whiskey Sour Cocktail is generally made of 4 ingredients and served in old fashioned glass.

1. Bourbon

2. Egg White

3. Simple Syrup

4. Lime Juice


Why is there egg white in a Whiskey Sour?

Egg whites have been used in cocktails for several decades. They do not add to or change the flavor of the drink. The main reason for using them is to increase the richness of the texture and create a luxurious foamy layer on the top. As long as the eggs are fresh and the shells are clean, it is safe to use them in the cocktail.


Is a Whiskey Sour Manly?

It is not fair to classify drinks as girly or manly. If you want a stronger drink, double the bourbon content and serve it on the rocks.


What makes a sour cocktail?

A sour cocktail contains three basic ingredients: lemon or lime juice, Simple syrup or triple sec and liquor.


Is Whiskey Sour a well drink?

Yes, Whiskey sour is a house drink. It is a sour mix and doesn't use specific brands of liquors or ingredients. Sour mix and Whiskey are a part of well drinks.



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