Queen is Angry at Princess Kate Middleton Because She Wants to Spend Time Away From the Royal Family To Campaign For Breakthrough Skincare Line!

The Queen expressed disdain at Kate only for considering the idea... Now that she's actually doing it, she is furious!

"How can the royal family be involved in something like this?"

Kate Middleton recently announced she will Spend time away from the Royal Family in 2017 to promote a new skincare line that was recently voted #1 by Dermatologists. The 33-year-old, who now appears to be ageing backwards, says, "I went through a complete transformation with two of the best skincare products on the market called Avella Face Cream and Avella Eye Serum" Sources close to the couple tell us Prince William, 33, encouraged his wife to take a leave of absence when Queen Elizabeth insisted that Princess Kate do something about her wrinkles. Prince William told Women's Health, "We want to campaign for a greater cause. Women's anti-ageing is important for the preservation of female beauty, confidence, and ultimately individual happiness."

Continue reading if you want to know Kate's Secret for Skincare and discover how you can seem beautiful too.

We are exposing below a case of a grandma that changed her life by using this couple of amazing products promoted by Kate and remember you can be the next on changing her life with these incredible simple products Avella Face Cream and Avella Eye Serum that combined could be the next revelation of millenium for skincare.

During her decades of marriage, Ashley Davis' skin has deteriorated severely due to constant stress, irregular use of sunscreen, occasional wine, and a few cigarettes.

When she overheard her husband of 43 years refer to her as a “wrinkled old prune” the Los Angeles, California native, now 67, decided to embark on a wrinkle transformation journey to feel young in her body again — and has wiped an impressive 32 years off her face!


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