How to use a Minecraft Blast Furnace

Find out how to make and use the minecraft blast furnace with this handy guide.

What is a minecraft blast furnace, and while we're at it, how is a minecraft blast furnace made? There's a lot to learn in this locked-in universe of Mojang, and the process of melting items is one of them. 

This specialized tool works in a similar way to a normal furnace, but can only be used for melting ore and armor and particular tools. What's more, it can do it at twice the speed.

With this guide we will guide you through the minecraftblast furnace recipe that allows you to create this useful implement, and all its various applications. So, let's cook.

How to make a minecraft blast furnace

Making the blast furnace is relatively easy, as long as you have the necessary ingredients. You need an oven, five iron ingots and three pieces of smooth stone.

The standard oven can be made with eight pieces of cobblestone, which is quite common. If you have no idea, you just have to dig a little bit, and you will find some in no time.

You can get iron ingots by casting blocks of iron ore. You can also make one by combining nine iron nuggets, but that's more complicated than it's worth, frankly.

Finally, make Smooth Stone by cooking Cobblestone twice. The first time becomes Stone, and the second time becomes Smooth Stone. Mix them all together, and you're done.

How to use a blast furnace in Minecraft

Using a blast furnace is more or less the same as using a normal oven. Just put some fuel in the lower left section, and continue with the melting object in the upper left section.

Remember, minecraft blast furnace can only melt things. But, even though they do it at twice the speed, they also use fuel at twice the speed. But can you put a price on the time you save?

The most common way to use the minecraft blast furnace is to melt ore blocks into ingots, but you can also use them to melt weapons, tools and armor. Everything else has to go through a normal furnace


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