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000 VND / tank, maximum 8 guests - VIP tub: 400. Accompanying is a professional driver, with a lot of experience in tourist transport services. In red wine contains resveratol - an antioxidant and protects the skin from environmental damage

Up to 2021 the following items have been put into operation: Bath area hot spring, vip hot spring bath, mud bath area, luxury hotel, tea bath, milk bath, coffee bath, spa, children's play area, dinosaur park, long tien cave with lazy river impressive, classy and luxurious restaurants, souvenir shops, and many other attractive attractions. Hoi An Tour to Than Tai Mountain The flowers blooming together in the sunlight. the clear blue sky with floating white clouds. So, any time, any day, any season, you can schedule a trip to experience this "authentic Japanese corner" without going abroad, to fully relax mentally and physically. After long busy days of life

Goddess mountain tour Da Nang to take souvenir photos to help guests at the end of the mountain tour of god of wealth 16:30: car and hdv will take you back to Danang, pay guests at the meeting point. Here is designed the strong and light waves that change continuously, which is also the most impressive thing in this game. God fortune mountain tour Da Nang enjoy longevity eggs in the 13h30 god mountain tour: the whole group moves to the dinosaur park where the most attractive place for children

In addition, this bath water also works Used for nerve pain and skin diseases. Than Tai Mountain is indeed a magical tourist destination, so if you want to leave all the hustle and bustle of life to find precious peaceful moments, do not hesitate to come to Da Nang and look back. Nui Than Tai, friends! Da Nang Booking has just provided information about tourist destinations at Than Tai Mountain. If you miss it, please store it in the locker right from the beginning

to know the benefits of visitors should refer to the full service below. The restaurant consists of 4 floors, each floor serves different services. Basic furnished bungalow rooms can accommodate 3 - 4 people per room and are available at rates like 400

Spa and Massage at Than Tai Mountain at Da Nang Booking or Tour Da Nang


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