Why Coldplay Isn't Going on Tour

British rock band Coldplay recently released their latest album, Everyday Life. This is their eighth studio album and seemed like an unlikely album because the band hinted that A Head Full of Dreams was going to be their last studio album. It is a double album that has the first half being Sunrise and the second half being Sunset.

Usually, when a person or a group releases an album, they tend to follow up that with a tour to further gain promotion for the album and the artist themselves. Big-time musicians don’t only go on tour in their own respective country. In fact, they end up going on a world tour that provides greater opportunities to reach new audiences, and of course, get more money. Coldplay decided to not follow that route because of one particular reason. An environmental reason.

The band is currently waiting to go on tour until it can make sustainable and be beneficial for everyone involved. Coldplay is going to take the next couple of years to try to plan out how they will tour effectively. The biggest environmental issue is the use of planes for traveling from country to country. Air pollution from the planes is a constant concern and something that might not change soon. Additionally, the band wants their concerts to have no single-use plastic and be powered by solar panels. A lot of people are now being more environmentally friendly and this definitely follows along. People aren’t using plastic straws to help save the sea turtles, but wanting to use solar panels to power the concert is a different idea to help the environment.

Lead singer, Chris Martin, wanted their tour to have a positive impact on the world. I believe these potential changes can definitely limit what is getting put out in the world. Concerts get left with a lot of waste and use up a lot of energy in a single span. I like that the band is taking a stand and is trying to help out the environment. Hopefully, they are able to crack the code and have a positive impact.

Do you like what the band is trying to accomplish? Let me know.


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