Are you looking for a reliable taxi service in Udaipur?

Do you wish to see Udaipur in a limited time span? Or you just don’t want to get into the hassle of public transport and self-drive. Every problem which you face while traveling has a solution with the taxi services in Udaipur. Taxi service in Udaipur is the most convenient means to visit this beautiful lake city for more than one reason and the most important being that while you relax on the back seat and enjoy the outside view, the driver drives you to the destination. Everyone claims to be better and more reliable than the rest but we are trying to substantiate our point with some solid arguments. The more you know about us the more you will start believing in us.

Everything that you will like to know about us

How to book our taxi services in Udaipur?

Taxi services in Udaipur can be booked through our platform either by clicking on the book now option or by reaching our executives over the phone. Once you select the booking dates and confirm the payment we will share you a copy of the invoice and all the journey details like dates, vehicle number, and vehicle model, and driver's name. Booking on our platform is also better because you get to search, choose, and book for multiple types and models of the vehicles on the same platform.

How do we make hiring a taxi in Udaipur safer?

Hiring a taxi in Udaipur is safer on account of five main reasons; we provide sanitized taxis and every driver is screened before and after every ride. Secondly, we provide doorstep pick and drop services so that you don’t have to travel in public transport. Thirdly all the taxis are serviced and checked for glitches that may have gone unnoticed. Fourthly the credential of every driver is checked thoroughly before hiring them. Fifthly we ensure that the taxis come with the best amenities and are ideal for traveling on any kind of roads.   

Our drivers drive you through the shortest and safest route and take extra precautions to keep you safe. We provide taxis with airbags, child lock, and rear cameras so that driving is incredibly safe even during bad weather or bad roads.
How to choose the best Udaipur taxi through our platform?

Choosing a Udaipur taxi has more to do with the specific requirement and budget of every traveler. If you are traveling in a small group than you can do some costs cutting by opting for a smaller car like Hatchback? If you seek more sitting capacity, more leg space, more boot space, and more amenities than choose a premium model of Sedan or SUV. You can get every type of taxi through our platform at affordable rates.

How a taxi on rent in Udaipur gives you a better local experience?

Taxi on rent in Udaipur gives you the best local experience in terms of sightseeing, local shopping, cordial driver and good ambiance. While you sit on the backseat of the taxi and enjoy the scenery around you our driver drives you safely to every nook and corner and city. Just ask him to take you to the places where you can get good food, shopping and sightseeing.
Hire taxis in Udaipur from the most credible partners

When you hire a taxi in Udaipur you can remain assured that you will get the best services from the most credible partners. So there is a policy of transparency and trust-building which lies at the heart of our work. The credential of the vehicle partners and the driver-partners is checked before we start working with them.

Do you know we are ready to assist you round the clock?

We have a team that can assist you round the clock and helps in case of any emergency. Hiring our taxi services endows us with the additional responsibility of keeping you safe both on and off-road.

Padharo is a market place for vehicles and caters to pan Rajasthan. Using our platform you can search, compare, and book any vehicle according to your requirement and budget. In four-wheeler, we cater to all types of cars ranging from Hatchback to Sedan and SUV. In bike rentals, we have both geared and non-geared two-wheelers. Traveling with us is incredibly safe even during this pandemic. 


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