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Learn how to obtain all your synced Lightroom videos and photos to your computer. The Adobe Lightroom Downloader program will help you to download all your synced Lightroom pictures to your destination on your computer's hard-drive. Enterprise IDs are not supported. The program downloads all your Lightroom photographs and videos from the cloud as original files and arranges them into a date-based folder hierarchy in the hard-drive place that you specify. The edits made to the raw images are all written to the XMP sidecar files that follow the deleted raw files. For those photos uploaded in Lightroom Classic that only have a Smart Preview synced to the cloud, the program downloads DNG Smart Previews only for such photos. MacOS vor higher & Windows 10 Download and install the program. Proceed to adobe. Com/lightroom-downloader From the Lightroom Downloader web page that opens on your browser, then choose your operating system to begin downloading the installation file. To set up the app: After downloading the LightroomDownloader. Zip file, extract the contents using the default operating system utility or a third-party applications like WinZip or PKZIP. Double-click the Set-up. Exe file to launch the setup. Double-click that the LightroomDownloader. Dmg file into mount/install it. Launch the app and select to begin. After the setup is complete, start the Lightroom Downloader app. At the start screen, click Begin. 

Begin downloading your own Lightroom photos Sign in to a Lightroom account. Sign up with your Adobe ID, Facebook, or even Google account. Sign in Wait for the analysis of library. As soon as you register, the app starts examining library and locating your photos. The blue bar shows the progress. Analyzing library pick a destination folder. Click on the Select a Folder button. From the dialogue box which appears, select a destination in your hard-drive in which you wish to download the photographs. Make certain that you have enough disk space to put in your Lightroom library articles. Choose a destination folder Start download. Once you've selected a download destination which has sufficient free space, then click on Start Download. Start Download Wait for end. The program now starts downloading your photographs. The blue bar indicates the Total Progress percentage. The Currently Downloading segment shows the name and extension of the picture files and its download advancement. At the bottom of the display, you have the choice to pause and resume the download action. View the output folder. Once the program completes downloading your photos, click the Open Folder button in the bottom to see the downloaded files onto your own computer.        


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