Get prepared for the culinary adventure with Romulo café!

If you want to have an exciting dining experience in one of the best restaurants in Kensington at London then you shouldn’t miss Romulo café. The café has been embraced by the local foodies and is given the title of go-to dining venue by its regular visitors. The menu of the café is inspired by culinary culture of Philippines. While visiting the café, you will receive a warm welcome and will sense a wonderful hospitality from the crew.

The café is spacious which makes it a perfect destination for family gatherings, get togethers, office parties etc where a good dining is a must. The food served in the café is full of flavours and the taste of each item that you will try is delectable. It doesn’t matter if you are dinning there, or ordering take away, the food will always be appetizing. The ambience of the café is sereneand their Filipino food is full of taste.

The café is a chain of the restaurants in Manila where they have succeeded in gathering a good reputation. The menu presented in the café is a mix of different flavours, aromas, ingredients and textures so no body can get bored of it. The variety of dishes offered by the restaurant makes it one of the best destinations for indulging in Filipino food. All the food items served there has a unique fresh flavour which is very distinct and at the same time gives a sense of familiarity. The place is ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians.

Romulo café is one of the best Filipino restaurants that you can get in London.Located in Kensington High Street it has become a hub for the foodies. Whether it is a cocktail you want to take sip of, or the mouth-watering starters that your heart desires, you will find everything here to satisfy your taste buds.

The beautiful and inviting ambience of restaurant will immediately cool your nerves as soon as you will enter in it. For those who are looking for the real taste of Philippines cuisine, this restaurant is a must to visit. No wonder that it has made its place among the best restaurants in high street Kensington!

If you are in London and hunting the best Filipino restaurant London, then Romulo café should not be missed. Feel the place and experience the taste of pure, and authentic Filipino food in one of the best restaurants in Kensington London


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