What Is The Right Time To Consult The IVF Hospital?

Often when the couples suffer from the problem of infertility issue, they do not know what to do that can lead to finding an appropriate solution. They find themselves in a total kiosk and also they lack the information and knowledge that will ultimately guide them down the line. I strongly believe that there has been a lot of talk about infertility problem but most of them lack the information about the right time to consult the IVF hospital in Delhi that prevents any further complication and provide result faster.


As a matter of fact, a newly married couple hardly knows about multiple factors or elements that may develop into causes of infertility. Moreover, due to our social beliefs and customs where talking about such issues is a real nightmare, it is quite difficult to divulge their condition right at the inception of the problem. One more thing what I believe is really helping the cause to grow and develop such issue is unnecessary delay in consulting the IVF hospital to ensure the prevailing condition.


The condition that may require consulting IVF hospital


The women is healthy and age below 35, yet could not conceive


If your age is below 35 years, you are healthy also but could not get pregnant despite multiple efforts, it is the time to fix an appoint with the IVF specialist in a reputed fertility hospital. The age between 20 to 30 is considered the most ideal and productive for pregnancy. In case you are not getting pregnant despite having sexual intercourse (without using any contraceptives) for 12 months or more, it may reflect the case of infertility issue. Under the circumstances consulting with the specialist in the hospital will help you to understand the reason of not getting pregnant and also get the right treatment to cure the problem.


Woman age is above 35


When you turn above 35 years of age, it is the time when the chances of getting pregnant start dripping considerably. At this stage, the woman's ability to produce healthy eggs decreases. It is also the time that encourages more miscarriage due to certain age factors. Hence, if you are planning pregnancy after 35, it is essential that you should do things under the supervision and care of IVF hospital. If things do not work naturally, the IVF doctor may recommend you IVF procedure to get pregnant and deliver a baby.


When you are over 40


After the age of 40, the quality, as well as the quantity of woman's egg, drop steeply. As a result, not only the possibilities of getting pregnant quite miserable but the  risk of miscarriage is all time higher. The IVF hospital in Delhi can help you at this juncture as well. You may conceive through IVF procedure conducted at a reputed IVF hospital.


High or low BMI


Sans doubt, your weight can impartially impact your reproductive functions as well as the hormonal balance of your body. So, when you are having high or low Body Mass Index (BMI), you are recommended to consult IVF hospital in search of conception.



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