I Cannot Send Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop | Ultimate Guide

QuickBooks is an advanced accounting software with effective tools and continuous technical support of 24*7. It has a vast reach within small to middle-sized businesses, thanks to its never-ending innovation and a simple user interface. However, even in such a perfect automate software, the users often cannot send invoice in QuickBooks Desktop as an error message shows up on their screen. The users face the issue while sending out invoices and statements to the clients but could not do so due to problems with the email service provider. So let’s talk about its causes and get some possible solutions.

On a different note, if you feel like that you may require external assistance to carry out the error by yourself, call on the helpline number 844.932.1139 and get immediate support.

Reasons behind the “can’t email invoices from QuickBooks” error message

  • 1.You might have put incorrect email settings in QuickBooks or the Internet Explorer.
  • 2.Some QuickBooks components may be damaged due to malware issues.
  • 3.An outdated or unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook can very well be the reason.
  • 4.You are using QuickBooks in the administrative mode.
  • After checking with the possible reasons behind the problem, let’s find some solutions to fix it.

What are the solutions to try when you cannot send invoice in QuickBooks Desktop?

Below are mentioned the steps to fix the problem while emailing invoices and statements from QuickBooks.

Solution- 1: Clean Install the QuickBooks Application

  • 1.If there are any open applications you are working on, then save the work and close them all.
  • 2.End the QuickBooks processes in the Task Manager and rename all the QB files and programs with the clean install tool.
  • 3.Manually rename the left out folders and uninstall QuickBooks.
  • 4.Reboot the computer and install the QuickBooks again.
  • 5.Update it and try sending the email again.
  • If the problem is with the email service provider instead, follow the next solution.

Solution- 2: Run the FixMapi file

  • 1.Open an existing document in Microsoft Word and send it to yourself as a PDF attachment.
  • 2.If the Word fails to perform the action, then call for Microsoft Support Helpline.
  • 3.However, if it sends the email without any issue, then follow these steps instead.a. Close all the programs and go to File Explorer.b. Open c: drive and go to windows and then open the System32 folder.c. Click on Fixmapi.exe and run the repair.d.
  • Restart the system and try sending out the email again.

At this point, we would like to conclude our blog. We hope that the written content will help you to understand the reasons behind why you cannot send invoice in QuickBooks Desktop in a better way and answer all of your queries as well. However, if you have more questions, call on the toll-free number 844.932.1139 and get the best assistance on it anytime.


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