4 Most Common Mobility Scooter Problems And How To Fix Them

Mobility scooter changes the lifestyle of the elderly and disabled people. It allows them to move one place to another without taking anybody’s help.  People who use a mobility scooter, it becomes their everyday necessity. If you use a mobility scooter then it is wise to know about your vehicles in detail. Like what kind of problems you might face with it and how to fix them. Now here in this article, we are going to show you some common problems of mobility scooters and how to fix them from mobilitydisruption.com.



The most common problem that people face with their mobility scooter is the battery. When the battery of your scooter is constantly charging and discharging, after a certain period of time it loses the ability to hold the charge on it. Most of the scooter will notify you if your batteries need to be changed but you have to recheck the connection of the batteries before replacing to make sure there are no other circumstances instead of batteries that discharging your scooter batteries quickly. If the connection of your scooter batteries is secure then you have to check the voltage of the batteries with a multimeter. If the output of the voltage measurement is less than 11.8 then your scooter battery is less than 25 percent charged. If further recharging doesn’t increase the battery heath then there might be a problem with your scooter battery or charger and you have to replace it.


All mobility scooters use good quality motors, they are very reliable. But if your scooter becomes old there might be some problems you might face with your scooter motor. When the health of your scooter motors gets weak it will provide lower output and because of this, the scooter will start bumping. When this happens, without making any delay bring your scooter to the nearest repair center. Don’t try to repair it by yourself, you may make it worse than the current condition.


Basically, the tires of the mobility scooter are designed with hard-wearing so that it can last more than 100 miles then again you have to properly take care of it and replace it from time to time. Mobility tires use two types of tire, pneumatic & solid. Solid tires are harder than pneumatic but not as comfortable as pneumatic. It is up to you which one you prefer. You have to check the condition of the tire regularly. If you find any crack or the pattern is broken then replace the tire before you experience any puncture.

The potentiometer

If your mobility scooter speed varies without any reason, that means the potentiometer is damaged. It allows the rider to control the mobility scooter forward or backward.  If you know how to use a multimeter then you can check the wires of the potentiometer to confirm if it gets proper voltage or not. The price of a potentiometer is also very less so if you have a little bit of electrical experience, you can change it by yourself.


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