Oregon’s Top Ten Greatest Cannabis Strains Beloved By All

Oregon is home to a lot of amazing cannabis strains (the Strawnana strain being a prime example). The quality of these strains are brilliant, the effects are monumental, and the flavors and aromas associated with these strains are nothing if not magnificent. Look towards the Strawnana cannabis strain and you’ll understand just how excellent the strains for Oregon really are. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top ten cannabis strains that come from Oregon. Among this list are strains that have been around for years, as well as newbies who just recently hit the cannabis scene. Regardless, every strain here is brilliant and really showcases what Oregon has to offer (weed dispensary Woodbridge). 

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a favorite for a lot of Oregon’s cannabis users. The strain is a mix between Haze and Blueberry and is known for its fruity taste and euphoric effects. When high on this strain, chances are you won’t be able to stop giggling! A lot of people actually say Blue Dream is like the Strawnana cannabis strain, so if you like this one, be sure to give Strawnana a try! A lot of people say that Strawnana has more than the pleasant aroma, subtle effects, and magnificent flavors. 

Durban Poison

Oregon is home to a lot of classic strains, and this is arguably the best of them all. If you’re looking for a strain that’ll transport you back to the 80s (or shall I say the glory days of weed), look no further than Durban Poison!

Jack Here

A magnificent with spicy flavors and calming effects. Jack Herer is perfect for those who like to smoke weed and multitask. Want to paint while high? This is your strain. The same goes for artists, musicians, and even cooks (these occupations also tend to like the strawman strain)!

Purple Punch

A cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, Purple Punch tastes sweeter than the majority of others on this list. Some people even say it tastes like cotton candy mixed with grapes. A perfect strain for chilling out with your friends on a warm Friday afternoon!

Original Glue

If you suffer from insomnia or some other sleep ailment, Original Glue should definitely be on your list of strains to try. Known as one of the best sleep aids in existence, Original Glue will calm you down and put you into a trance so blissful you’ll have no choice but to fall asleep. 

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is known as the adventure strain because of its incredible uplifting effects. A lot of people use this particular strain during the summer months at cottage parties, or while hiking. Some people even use it while exercising because of its energizing boost. 


Need to get rid of pain and stress? Check. Want to feel euphoric and giggly? Check. GSC is the perfect strain for those who just need to tune out the world at the end of a long day. Nothing will bother you when high on this strain. Nothing at all. 

Wedding Cake

As you may have guessed, this particular strain tastes like cake! Wedding Cake is a particularly strong strain that will have you staring at the wall drooling while immersed in the wonders of your imagination. Expect the colors to speak to you and the wind to sing while high on this stuff!

Granddaddy Purple

This particular strain is fantastic for anyone who desperately wants to leave this world just for a couple of hours. You’re going to feel dreamy, light, and very high. 

OG Kush

Perhaps the most popular strain in Oregon, OG Kush is a blast from the past (hence its name). Want to revisit the glory days of weed and breathe in all the skunk scents you so desperately miss? Well, here you go!


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