Don’t have SFDC Consulting yet? Time to know about it's Amazing Features

Things have changed with SFDC tools over the past few years. A few months ago, the company shipped hundreds of new releases of their developer tools. If you still haven’t tried SFDC consulting for your business, it might be the right time to.

Experts strongly believe that developer tools are perfect to be built-in for the end-users. Feedback is key to creating something new and useful. That’s why Salesforce has announced some amazing upcoming features, which might entice you to hire an SFDC expert.

Conflict Detection - Retrieve or Deploy

The most common problem while developing in a Sandbox is that multiple admins or developers can be working on the same code or metadata. This inevitably leads to inconsistency. The best way to deal with this situation is to use source tracking along with a version control system such as Git. We understand that not every team of professionals are ready to adopt such new models and for that reason, Salesforce is working on the tools that can detect conflicts on the time of deployment or retrieval.  

SOQL Language Feature

Nowadays, when writing SOQL in VS Code, there is no code completion for other advanced language features that developers expect from modern tooling. To remedy this, Salesforce is working towards enhancing SOQL language Server that will provide code completion for SOQL keywords, fields and objects to make it smooth to write queries both inside of Apex classes or by itself in .sql file or anonymous files.

LWC Local Development

At TrailhealDX, Salesforce teased LWC Local Development. This new feature will offer you to deliver your Lightning Web Components on your local machine without even deploying them to the org. This means you will get instant results. With LWCS, you can connect to org data via LSD or through calling Apex classes and it will eventually support every aspect of UI development virtually. Whenever you make a mistake, an error message will be sent to you so that you can make the required changes. The aim here is to augment the speed dramatically at which developers can code, test and debug the UI application.

Performance Updates    

The most common complaint about VS Code and Salesforce CLI is that it’s sometimes slower than others. And, all operation standardization on the Metadata API is subject to queues in operations and at times the operations get back up and result to slow deployment. Chances are that Salesforce is working on fastening the performance of Metadata API. On the tooling side, the company is working on how single metadata can act to retrieve/deploy and pull/push is handled.


Last but not least, MavensMate! It has been a great utility tool for Salesforce developers. MavenMates just got stopped a few days ago. That’s because of the serious security vulnerability found in the software. The team of experts reached out the Salesforce security team and revealed the vulnerability. Unfortunately, there was no way to fix the issue remotely, the team decided to revoke the application’s accessibility to Salesforce APIs. This, consequently, disabled the entire application. The company has guaranteed that such worst cases will never appear in the future and are preparing MavensMates to protect the users from such attacks.

Salesforce becomes handy when your motive is to develop some creative and unique applications. Believe it or not, these updates will enhance your SFDC consulting experience and you will start progressing in development like never before.  We have experienced consultants in the US, UK and Europe, contact us today.


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