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East Lansing, MI, Feb 21eTutorWorld is a leading online tutoring platform for classes K 1-K12. This company is committed to providing quality online education to at affordable prices. eTutorWorld has come up with a new offer wherein you get two sessions for every referral who purchases a tutoring pack after the free trial. It is in addition to their existing referral program.

eTutorWorld offers the best K-12 tutoring plans for improving the students’ academic performance. Their one-to-one tutoring plans are customized for students who want to strengthen their knowledge of any particular subject, at an individualized pace.

This online eLearning company is now offering two additional sessions to individuals whose referral purchases a tutoring pack after the trial session. The referral also receives one session. This is in addition to its most recent offer of two sessions for every referral that attends a trial session at eTutorWorld.

The first free session consists of the Learning by Design™" assessment, which helps tutors identify a child's competencies and grey areas. It aids them in creating a personalized and individualized learning roadmap for the students' success.

Please visit eTutorWorld’s website for a FREE Trial session. You can also call on +1-269-763-4602, +1-269-763-5024, or email at to enroll today!


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About the Company:

eTutorWorld is an online tutoring service platform that provides grade tutoring and standardized exams tutoring for K12 students It has a team of expert and experienced tutors who design and deliver innovative, one-to-one online tutoring courses focused on self-paced learning and academic progress of the students.


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