The Technology Behind Solar Powered VMS Signs

Solar-powered variable message signs (VMS) are in extensive demand these days due to their capability to reduce energy consumption, thus reducing the overall cost. These are in use for various applications like transportations, traffic control systems, municipal, and many more.

Solar-powered VMS can be installed at places where traditional electric lines are unavailable or distant from an electric connection. In recent times these signs are in heavy demand to provide dynamic and real-time information to the vehicle drivers.

How a Solar Powered VMS Sign Works

A solar-powered VMS sign consists of a solar panel with photovoltaic cells. These cells collect the Sun’s energy during the day and store it in a rechargeable battery. When sense that there is no energy from the Sun, the built-in intelligent system automatically turns the LED lights with the energy stored in the rechargeable battery.

Benefits of Solar Powered VMS

  • Light Weight and Portable: Solar Powered LED Signs weigh less and also can be supplied with exclusive folding designs. Their portable nature makes them most effective with efficient working systems
  • Quick Set up: Being lightweight in nature, they can be installed very quickly and in less time
  • Universal mounting: Portability of LED signs ensure in universal mounting. These signs can easily be mounted on a portable post, pole, trailer, or a vehicle
  • Durable: The closed concealed enclosures with jerk-proof mounting hardware enable these solar-powered LED signs with rugged nature in bad weather conditions.
  • Flexible Power options: These LED signs are equipped to accommodate almost all power sources, including AC, Solar, Lithium Battery, etc.
  • Conditional Messaging System: It can display different messages from a data source, which are based on live inputs, like parking availability, speed limits, road closure ahead, weather alerts, and many more.
  • Warnings: These solar-powered LED signs are equipped with alert systems which are able to send email or text alerts for low battery or even tampering to the installed units

Types of Solar Powered LED Signs

These signs can be divided into three main categories as below:

  • Small VMS Signs: Mostly to be used in city areas or for low vehicular speed roads. The bright LED lights can display texts including arrows and graphics to guide the drivers
  • Large VMS Signs: Designed for roads with more vehicular speeds and are equipped with a large LED display, which can be controlled locally or remotely
  • Video VMS Signs: High-resolution compact HD design display, enables variable texts and images with videos, to be used for traffic management services. These help motorists to know for the works that are being carried out in that area.


Solar Powered VMS signs are the best solutions for providing various messages to motorists on their go. Being cost-effective in nature and with a decrease in carbon footprint, they produce no pollution and cause no harm to our environment.


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