Types of social networks according to their characteristics

Knowing the different types of social networks is essential to be able to take advantage of them at a commercial level. Social networks have gone from being a communication platform to a good online marketing tool like Instadotgram.

Millions of active users interact daily on networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And a number of professionals such as community managers and marketers often act as intermediaries between them and brands. Their role has evolved in such a way that no digital advertising campaign can do without them.

Types of Social Networks on the Internet

  • Horizontal or generalist social networks: These are the SSNs known to all (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...) in which users meet freely to engage in conversations of different kinds and share content of general interest. These social networks are mainly focused on the contacts attached to the profiles or accounts of each user.

  • Thematic or vertical social networks: In this case, we are talking about more specialized social networks aimed at a more specific type of audience or a more specific topic (employment, music, travel, etc.), i.e. users register on them for a common interest. Conversations revolve around the same topic or specific purpose. Some examples of vertical social networks are Linkedin, Spotify, Vimeo, etc.

  • Closed: These are social networks whose utility is based on sharing files in different formats. For example, Youtube, Flickr, Pinterest... host a variety of multimedia content such as videos and photographs.
  • On the other hand, there is also another classification that organizes the different types of social networks according to their:

  • Subject: There are the human RRSS (for user interaction) or content RRSS.

Type of connection: They are divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical. The first are those in which users can add each other as friends by accepting each other (Facebook), and the second type consists of social networks in which one user can follow another without the other having to perform the same action reciprocally (Twitter).

Geographical location: In this case, a distinction is made between sedentary (they are modified based on their content) and nomadic (new elements are added based on the geographical location of the users).

General classification of SSNRs

Professional: Linkedin, About.me, Vadeo, Xing...

Contact and dating: Badoo, Meetic, Match, Pof, etc.

News: Menéame, Reddit, Delicious...

Health and sport: Runkeeper, Endomondo, HealthTrap, etc.

Tourism and travel: Toprural, Minube, Tripadvisor ...

Messaging: Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, etc.

Music: Spotify, MySpace, Soundcloud, LastFM ...

Scientific: MethodSpace, Academia.edu, ResearchGate, etc.

The many types of social networks continue to grow and evolve day by day, in relation to the needs of the users themselves. Knowing them perfectly allows to establish effective strategies in social networks linked or associated to much more effective digital marketing campaigns. It is necessary to determine which is the most important social network for our interests.

Which social network is essential for a brand?

Should you use social networks for your business, company or brand? This is the million dollar question, you know that there are millions of people behind it. It all depends on what your target audience is, your business goals, the characteristics of each social network to use it as part of the brand's online advertising strategy, as well as the final budget allocated to invest in social networks and media.

In short, the different types of social networks are very important to improve the communication of any company or business with its audience. They represent a unique opportunity to find potential customers interested in your products and/or services. For this, it is essential to take care of the online reputation through quality advertising, as well as an effective and constructive customer service.

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