New Digs for Dino

I’m happy to report that thanks to dear friends, Dino has a new home. We got Dino as a puppy and he was so fun and beautiful and playful. But as he grew, so did my allergic reaction to him.

My allergies became so bad we just had to find a new, loving home for him. We learned that taking him to a rescue organization was not the right solution. So many loving dog owners who find they have to find a new home for their dog use rescue organizations. But we found that if the rescue can’t find a new home for the dog within a certain time period, the dogs are “put down” just like if they were at the pound.

We couldn’t risk that for sweet Dino. Thankfully we found a home for him where his new parents are loving gentle people with a huge heart for Huskies! Dino now shares a home with two grown Huskies and will learn the ways of his new home from them as well as his new parents.

He even gets to sleep in a king-size bed with his new friends! Bless you family and bless you sweet Dino. We miss you already and we’re so thankful for the love and joy you brought to our home.


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