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If you are an upcoming rapper or singer, all you need to get to the next level is to have high-quality rap beats. Learning how you can make your own rap beats is simple, you just have to be a rap fan to know the best rap beats. The beats that you like might be different from those liked by other people. You should internalize the difference between a good rap beat and a hot rap beat. Hot rap beats sell faster and are played in clubs and on the radio. Most rappers nowadays want to make money from the music that they make and those making the most money get played on the radio and in clubs.


A hot rap beat has it components which as a rapper you should understand. It is a program that encompasses similar sounds to those used by famous producers. The drums are pre-mixed to hit hard and produce a crispy sound. They are equalized by a long bass drum which pounds behind them. The high hats characteristically roll every four to eight bars. In the background, there are most probably three separate melodies which use different sound effects or instruments.

Marvelous rapper

Once you have understood the components of a hot rap beat, kick off by listening to your favorite song. You should have a pen and paper to write down the many different sounds and separate melodies you hear all through the beat. Identify the ones that are just effects strewn around a beat and the ones that are playing a certain rhythm. If there is something added to a beat, it is just an effect or some effects, but the actual instrument sounds are usually playing a melody

To make your own Drake type beats you have to get a computer program like the one used to create beats that you hear from your favorite rappers. It is not hard to find these programs; you can buy them online at affordable costs. With the program you can now begin making your own rap beats, it comes with the same sounds you hear on the radio and in clubs which are mixed accurately. Most record labels are looking for versatility, and one should open up to different types of beats to expand their album value.

Marvelous rapper

At the start you should have a beat that gets heavily processed so that it can get heard clearly; this creates the backbone of the song. All of the rap songs you listen to are not very easy to make because they have to be simple yet full. It is all about picking the right sounds and using little notes. You do not have to create complex chords, melodies or structures; it is all about little notes playing off each other. Use different pads to fill the spaces, some of them should have melodies

Marvelous rapper is a beat maker/producer also an expert songwriter who creates instrumental music and beats for rappers and other people. Basically, he wants to spend his time in writing informative articles on rappe.


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