Humble One is the world's first solar SUV

The Humble Motors company has just revealed the first images and data of what will be its first model, the Humble One, a 100% electric SUV that will have a roof covered with solar panels.

Obviously, with current technology it is impossible for a vehicle to be powered exclusively by solar energy generated by its own panels, so we are talking about a conventional electric vehicle that has photovoltaic cells. A proposal similar to what we have already seen in projects such as Aptera or Sono Motors. Pure electric models that move are driven mainly by the energy stored in their batteries, although these are partly recharged by the vehicle's energy recovery system and in a small percentage by the solar panels.

The first model presented by this new American company receives the name Humble One and is a crossover with a sporty appearance and compact size.

The Humble One is going to have a very powerful engine, as the company advertises no less than a combined total power of 1,020 hp. The vehicle is going to move thanks to a battery pack of unspecified capacity but whose maximum autonomy range will be 800 km according to the EPA cycle.

Thanks to the photovoltaic cells on the roof, the model will be able to recharge up to 60 miles or 97 km of autonomy every day. In principle, the price of the base version will be $ 109,000 and although the first deliveries of this model will not take place until 2025, the company already accepts reservations for $ 300.


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