Mothers Day

To all, Happy Mothers Day.
To all the firefighters working, I hope you have a quiet Sunday.
20+ years ago LBFD did not, I was working Engine 4 with Bob and Jeff. It was a big surf day along the coast. The town was packed with family's enjoying a beach day. A little girl fell into the Giggle Crack, you died when that happens on a big surf day. Dad jumped in, he drowned, Mom jumped in, She drowned, a Police Officer first on scene, he jumped in, a life guard showed up, he jumped in. One of them pulled the little girl out, Engine 1 & 2 showed up and worked her. Not sure who pulled out the Dad, Engine 3 worked him. Engine 4 was the last to get there. I ran down the stairs and straight into the water as the guard was trying to get Mom through the surf. Exhausted, he handed her to me and I pulled her in through the shore break. Jeff was waiting with our medical gear and we started working her. Three bodies, one medic unit, one ambulance, waiting for more Medics to arrive from other cities. I remember like it happen a few hours ago. I was doing chest comprehensions, Jeff on Moms airway when I heard the best sound a fireman can hear, the little girl crying. I remember looking down and realizing what a beautiful young Mom she was. I whispered in her ear that her little girl will be OK. Today that little girl must be about 25, maybe a mom. To You, your Mom and Dad gave all they had, to save you, I know they have been with You in spirit watching over. You & I will meet them someday again. I don't know about the rest of the guys, but that call, out of thousands, is the one I think about the most, on this day.....aloha hui hou

The Giggle Crack, Laguna Beach, Ca

Divers Cove, the Giggle Crack is around the corner to the right


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