Starting a Family Office in Singapore

Why Singapore Has Become the Face of Family Offices in Asia

There is no secret Asia has had its fair share of instability in the last year or so, however it is in that turmoil that Singapore has risen to show itself as the secure and stable beacon for the region. While Singapore’s Asian sibling Hong Kong continues to struggle, Singapore has remained as stable as ever, continuing to have its inherent benefits shine on the world stage.

For the very reasons Singapore retains its crown as the world’s freest economy, it is also the ideal location for a family office for a HNWI or UHNWI:

  • - Singapore has some of the world’s simplest and lowest tax systems in the world
  • -   A renowned financial services industry
  • -   Excellent transparency
  • -   Stable governance
  • -   World class infrastructure
  • -   Ideal and secure geographic bridge to China
  • -   Active intellectual property protection
  • -   Strong rule of law
  • -   Essentially free of corruption 
  • -   Top-tier quality of life

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