Basic Blackjack Strategy

On the Internet, you can find many tables, with the most complex schemes and columns of numbers, however, in order to effectively use them in the selected slot machine, you need a lot of experience in the game. However, there is also a basic strategy designed for those who are just starting to master the world of virtual gambling entertainment and expect to earn a little money from it.
In general, blackjack, the most popular card game among US players, regardless of the type of machine and provider, offers a matrix of 270 possible situations. 10 cards, which the dealer receives, and 27 possible cards in the player's hands. Of course, you can just learn all the existing combinations, but there are also simpler ways to master them.
The most common type of blackjack in a wide variety of casinos is the multi-deck strategy with 17 soft cards. The main provisions can be combined into several specific groups. You can proceed to the study of combinations of decks and rules only after studying all the theoretical aspects of management and the features of a particular slot machine.
We have compiled for you a few simple rules that will make the slot machine for you - the online emulator of the famous game "twenty one" as simple and understandable as possible. First, you need to know that a "hard" combination is the sum of any two cards, among which there is no ace. Accordingly - a "soft" combination - 2 cards with an ace inclusive. In practice, "hard" combinations are most common in casinos.
The main points of the basic blackjack strategy are as follows:
"Hard" combinations - the set stops at 17 or more points. If you have 11 points in your hand and the dealer has any card other than an ace, you should double. An identical situation develops if you have 10 points, the dealer has any card (except 10 and an ace). Also, doubling is done at 9 points, with 3-6 at the dealer. If you collect any number of points less than 12, you can take a card. Surrender (refusal of a combination) is necessary at 15 points of the player against 10 at the dealer, or 16 players - 9 or more at the dealer. If the dealer rolls 7, you can take another one when you receive all the other cards. With 12 points in hand against 2 and 3, the dealer also draws a card. In all other situations, dialing stops;
"Soft" combinations - the set stops at 19 or 20 points, as well as at 18 (if the dealer has 7 or 8). On other cards against 7 and higher, the dealer should take another card. Double is made on any number of points, against the dealer's 5-6, 15-18 against 4, 17-18 against 3, and also 18 against 2. In other cases, an additional card is required;
If you have "pairs" in your hands. Split (splitting pairs), should always be done if your hands are 8 or aces. 10 are never split. A double of two 5s is done against 9 or less from the dealer The 9 is not split against the dealer's 7, 10 or ace. If the hands are any pair (from 2 to 7) inclusive, if the dealer has 8 or more, you should take a pair. Exceptions are 5, 8 and 9 at the dealer, when you should make a double. The card should be taken on two 6s or 4s if the dealer has 7, and also on two 4s if the dealer has 4 or less. In other situations, you need to do a split.
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