Keeping It Simple, How To Know Which Lights To Use Where

Lighting adds aesthetic value to a house and is the unsung element of proper house décor. Choosing the right light for a different set of rooms can be complicated for many people. A wide range of bright lights, dim lights, hanging lights, wall lights, chandelier lights, LED lights, and many more, need a lot of time to select from. A specific light for a particular requirement and an actual functional purpose becomes critical before finalizing.

To help decide a proper light, we must understand the types of lighting. These can mainly be divided as:

Ambient (General) Lighting – Generally the primary source of light, these vary from overhead fixtures to recessed lighting. Ambient light ensures you carry out your work without causing harsh glare. Buy LED lights in wholesale for relaxing, moving, and seeing things around. But remember that these are not ideal when working closely.

Ambient light is recommended for:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendants
  • Ceiling lights
  • Recessed lights, etc.

Task Lighting – A small and concentrated light, also known as office lighting, is good for doing more delicate work. Suitable for reading, cooking, writing, and other tasks, tasks lights work well as a contrasting light. To help you work in detail, many businesses choose such type of lights.

Task lights are suitable for the following fixtures:

  • Pendants
  • Under the cabinet lightings
  • Swing Arm Lamps
  • Vanity and in front of the mirrors

Accent Lighting – These are decorative lightings and can also be used to light a particular area. Buy LED lights wholesale for painting, bookshelf, or other decorative places which require accent lighting fixtures. This type of lighting creates a more sophisticated atmosphere and provides importance to the images it displays.

Some uses of accent lightings are:

  • As wall lights
  • For Landscapes
  • Tracks
  • Recessed Lightings

Categories of lightings

There are the following types of lighting options:

  • Scones – Mounted directly on a wall and generally purchased in pairs, they can be hardwired or with a chord to be plugged in.
  • Flush and Semi-Flush Mounts – Mounting lights rooted in the ceiling, are used to brighten a room. Semi-flush lights may hang a little down from the ceiling to create a better visual effect.
  • Pendants – These hang low from the ceilings by a chord, chain, or wire. More of a task light, they come in various sizes and shapes to choose from.
  • Chandeliers – An extensive lighting system suspended from the ceiling proves to be more decorative in nature. 
  • Lamps – A floor lamp or a table lamp is yet another option for task light. These don’t brighten the entire room and are stylish and inexpensive.


    Most people take lighting as an afterthought when going for their interiors. But good lighting is just everything. It elevates the mood and affects an overall ambience of a place. Adding lights as decorative elements instead of wall art can be a better way to show your personal touch to your rooms.


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