Fox and CCTV Anchors to Debate Amid Trade War Tensions

Chinese State propaganda service CGTN (the international arm of broadcaster CCTV) is looking to take on American quasi-State propaganda service Fox Business (a wing of Fox News) in a live TV debate via hosts Liu Xin and Trish Regan, after the two traded barbs about the Trade War from their respective stations (and then Twitter handles) this week.

Liu took to Twitter (which is blocked within China) to courteously offer to appear on Regan’s show, in a series of tweets responding to Regan’s call for an “HONEST debate”.

Regan responded in a likewise more civil tone than some of her previous statements on the matter, to invite Liu onto her show live on Wednesday evening:  

So, err, this should be interesting.

We’re not sure there’ll be much common ground here other than the two having similarly entrenched nationalistic viewpoints, but who’s to say it won’t make for a great TV spectacle. As to how much of it gets aired within China we’ll have to wait and see, but CCTV’s social media platforms have wasted no time in promoting the clash or in picking off select comments from Twitter to undermine their opponent:

“Words have consequences,” says Liu in a video posted to CGTN’s Weibo account. “Her economic warmongering reaches millions of Americans in their homes,” she adds, referring to Regan’s outspoken criticism of China.

Regan, for her part, has accused China of “waging an information war against the US”, and wrote on Twitter, “China, you picked the wrong fight!”

We’re still waiting for red rap crew CD Rev to wade into this one.

The feud began when Regan took umbrage at supposedly being labelled “emotional” over her coverage of the Trade War between China and the US.


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