Three Easy- Peasy Poker Game Rules for Every Beginner

Internet is flooded with articles on poker game rules content. There is much to read but as a beginner, you must know what to read first. Having clarity on one subject is better than reading hundreds of articles for the same thing.


Let us cover three basic poker rules in this article. They are:

·         Action

·         Betting Limits

·         Rounds


Important Note for beginners


Now before we get into the details, let us make sure that you will understand things better in the long run. Everything you read here must be practically used for the best knowledge. For this, you need to visit a gaming website to play poker online. There are many free games to help learners, and we are sure you will get the best knowledge once you play a poker game online.


Rules You Must Know to Play Poker as a Beginner

 Since you are a beginner in poker, and we assumed this because you are still reading this, avoid saturating your head with too many rules at the same time. Too much is just going to get you confused. You will learn everything once you play a free poker game online. Delve into details now.



There are many variants of poker. Start with Texas Hold’em as you are a beginner. It is the most basic poker game and most popular type of poker too.  Check below what you need to if play poker online or in real.


·         Bet: Put an amount on the table to play

·         Check: Do not put any amount on the table

·         Fold: Do not play a hand

·         Raise: Put more amount on the table as compared to your opponent

·         Call: Put an amount equal to your opponent’s bet

Above were the basic actions in a poker game. You must bet, raise, or call to move ahead. You also have the options to check and fold.

Betting Limits

There are three types of betting limits. They are as follows:


·         No Limit – You can bet as much as you want. No restrictions.

·         Pot Limit – You can bet an amount lesser or equal to the total pot size. Total pot is nothing but the total amount that all players have put in.

·         Fixed Limit – You can bet, call, or raise only a fixed amount in the game. This fixed amount is decided at the start of the game.


Betting Rounds

Since we advised you to start with Texas Hold’em, check out the betting rounds for the game. You are given two individual cards and 5 cards on the table to play poker. 

·         Preflop: You have only two individual cards to bet an amount.

·         Flop: Three out of the five cards on the table unfold to make a bet.

·         Turn: Fourth card on the table unfolds to make a bet.

·         River: The fifth card on the table unfolds to make a bet.

 How Do You Win at Poker?

The best way to play poker online is by observing your opponent's behavior. Use your gut feeling to know if they are bluffing. Try observing when they are making a raise, fold, or call. Once you understand the psychology of your opponent, beat your opponent with your strategy.

We hope you understood the action, betting limits, and betting rounds. A lot of online games have an automatic calculation of the strongest poker hand. You can play poker online for free with this much knowledge. You will eventually understand the ranking of hands and come up with better strategies to win on playing poker online. Have a fun game!


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