5 Best Places To Get Fresh Pizza in Lahore

Pizza is the best meal to satiate late-night cravings and irregular pangs of hunger. Whether it’s lunchtime or dinner, having a cheesy crispy pizza will be a luscious addition to your meal. Not only kids but also adults feel energetic after hearing about eating pizzas. In a city like Lahore, people often order a pizza after a tiring office day to enjoy a ready-made meal.

Are you looking for the best pizza bakeries in Lahore? If yes, it’s time to enjoy because you are in the right place. No doubt every pizza has its distinct texture, taste, freshness, and spices but some pizza’s dough seems to be hard and bitter. This is due to the lack of freshness. The taste of pizza is very much dependent upon the freshness. Whenever you plan to order a pizza, make sure that they will do fresh pizza delivery at your doorstep.

Here Are The Top 5 Places In Lahore Where You Can Get A Fresh Pizza.

1- Cakes & Bakes

Cakes & Bakes is a place who never compromises the quality of its items. After tasting a single bite of soft cheese chicken tikka pizza, you will fall in love with this. This bakery will serve you a relishing pizza to eat. Whether you are looking for a Bar. B.Q pizza or Fajita, you will get all here.


Not only pizza dough is soft but the vegetables used in the top, as well as chicken chunks, are toothsome. No matter if you can’t pick your pizza from the bakery, Cakes & Bakes can deliver it to your home. The storage and packaging for the delivery of fresh pizza to your home are also of supreme quality so that your pizza can remain hot. Enjoy the mouthwatering spicy fresh pizza!

2- Gourmet Bakers

Gourmet Bakers carrying the traditional gourmet crispness and flavoursome of its foods. People often visit bars and restaurants for eating pizzas while bakeries for snacking. That’s the biggest misconception if you think that bakeries can’t cook a delicious pizza. Have you ever tried gourmet pizza? If not, you are really missing something great.


Yes! You should immediately rush to the nearest gourmet baker to try their delicious crispy pizzas prepared in a wood-fired oven. Whether you are going to hang out with your friends or want to spend some quality time with your friends, this outstanding pizza will make your gathering more memorable due to its lusciousness.

3- Jalal Sons

People who claim that a pizza hut is a remarkable place for the provision of fresh pizza should try Jalal Sons pizza. Jalal Sons bakery is now considered as the alternative to Pizza hut due to its succulent taste. The most fascinating thing about these pizzas is you will feel the taste of every single ingredient in every bite.

Despite the lack of a sitting place, these pizzas are highly sold pizzas in Lahore. If you love the pizza topped with burnt cheese texture, this pizza is perfect for you. You can also try their thin-crust Italian pizza. Cheese lovers can demand more cheese topping over the slightly oily bread crumbs to enjoy the real buttery crunchy pizza.

4- Pizza Online

Are you looking for online pizza services? Congratulations! Pizza Online company comes with great appetizer pizzas. If you can’t visit the bakeries to pick up your pizza, you may contact Pizza Online. No matter whether you want to order a pizza at your home or office place, you will get it.

Besides the fast delivery of fresh pizza, you will surely enjoy the succulent layers of mozzarella cheese. The pizza crust is very soft and creamy even at the ends because of the cheese layers baked inside the crust. Never feel hesitant to eat this delicious pizza with a spicy sauce in a savage style!

5- New Butt Sweets and Bakers

New Butt Sweets and Bakers is another amazing place in Lahore where you can enjoy fresh pizzas. This bakery is very much interested in following the New York Pizza style. All of its slices are soft due to their fresh crust. You have never eaten such a relishing creamy pizza having mayo in the crust. Feel free to order this pizza to enjoy a dipping toothsome lunch or dinner!

So, whenever you want to order a supreme quality pizza having matchless freshness and taste, we suggest you visit these bakeries. You will surely enjoy the pizza of all these places in Lahore.

Looking For Fresh Pizza Delivery?

Cakes & Bakes is a highly recommended place to order pizza, birthday cakessweets/mithaiDouble roti and all bakery items. Because of their fast timely delivering service of fresh appetizing pizza. 


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