Why the Employees who are Willing to go Extra Mile Deserve Shift Premium

    A work shift is defined as a regulatory scheduled work period for a designated number of hours.  If a company divides each workday into two or three eight hour shifts, the employees working on shifts other than the regular day time shift receive additional pay called a shift premium. Some argue that shift premiums can be unfair. Some believe that if an individual chooses to work on other shifts that they prefer, then they should not be paid more than others that chose the shifts that they did. 

    I am highly in favor of shift premium as I feel it is a deserving reward for the employee who decided to work at a critical hour by sacrificing something important in his life. The main reason that I am not against the concept of shift premium because I think it has more advantages than the disadvantages. There are so many 24 hour restaurants where people work graveyard shifts; I think those employees deserve to get shift premiums. They are not only sacrificing their sleep, but also staying away from their family. Shift premium can also act as a confidence booster for some employees. In case the company needs to do an assigned work in an emergency with limited time left, then the employees who give their heart and soul towards the work with full dedication deserve shift premiums. Another time when shift premiums can be used is when an employee calls off, is sick or does not show up, and then the other employee who decides to cover the shift at that last moment. Since that particular employee was not scheduled and had to cancel their plans, then they deserve some extra appreciation through the paycheck for their dedication towards the work.

    Shift premiums may seem unfair, but it may be the only way that a company is able to fill a shift that people don't necessarily want to take. I feel that companies should be allowed to pay a shift premium but shouldn't do it unless they have to. The only disadvantage I see with shift premium is that it can demoralize the workforce and bring down the productivity and the motivation of the staff. However, I would say its a good thing if they offered it at certain times of the year like Christmas, where the employees are giving the option to work during the holidays when they would prefer not to but the premium is the reward for them to work. Overall, I can see how some people might argue that shift premiums are unfair, but I believe that they will result in people staying at their company longer. 


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