Attract More Users Into Your Online Game Industry With Fanduel Clone

While you might be looking for a profitable business idea, here comes the fantasy sports app development. Next to the social media platforms, the gaming platforms are the real entertainers. Taking a closer look at the online gaming platforms, the fantasy sports apps have a massive user base. Through these platforms, users can participate in different sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, and many other popular sports.

Most interestingly, there are many betting-based fantasy sports too. How will a sports enthusiast say no to an app that guarantees massive entertainment? So, here, you will get to know the FanDuel clone app development. This blog will summarize the app’s features, revenue models and most importantly the benefits of choosing the clone script.

Benefit Of Adopting The FanDuel Clone App

In general, clone scripts are advantageous in many ways. The first and foremost benefit is that it is a ready-made script. By adopting the ready-made clone script, you can quickly make the needed customizations and launch the app. By now, you would have understood the benefits of the clone scripts.

Next comes the interesting section that unveils the feature set integrated into the FanDuel clone app.

Features Vested In The FanDuel Clone

Player Cards - In order to create a team, users will have to add players. Users can add players by looking at their performance rate from the player cards.

Live Scores - Users can keep track of the match by looking at the live scores displayed on the app.

Reward Points - After the end of every match, users will receive reward points based on the scores obtained.

Sources Of Revenue

Registration fees
Entry fees
Advertising fees


Developing a fantasy sports app like FanDuel is the best way to embark your business among users. Therefore, reach out to an app development company and get your FanDuel clone app. All the best!


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