Fasting Is Not An Effective Way To Lose Weight

Fasting has been a tradition for ages now. People do it for many reasons. Some for religious purposes while others for the sake of long life for their loved ones. While many others do it for the sake of their health. But is fasting actually beneficial? Or Is it just one of those diet myths? Are the possibilities claimed by researches, or what we can say myths of losing so many pounds of weight in only so many days? This article is meant to open your eyes to the truth behind the effect of fasting on weight loss.


What are the kinds of fasting plans recommended by researchers?

If your browse through the internet, you will find these fasting plans which claim to significantly reduce your weight.

      A seven small meals a day fast

      A 16-hour fast meal breaks

      1 meal a day

      2 meal a day, etc.

These fasting techniques may work only if you follow certain guidelines. For example: If you plan to eat only 2 times a day but eat more calories per time, the fasting process will not benefit you in anyway.


Moreover, fasting longer than your body can take can prove to be extremely harmful. Therefore, before you decide on any technique, make sure you consult an expert.


How can Fasting be harmful?

Fasting technique that does not suit your body can do more harm than help. Here’s how:

  1. Your body may start burning your muscles and not your fat if the technique chosen doesn’t suit you. This is because during a fast, your body will enter conservation mode and hence starts burning less and less calories. Therefore, to meet the demand, the body starts burning muscles.
  2. Sometimes you will tend to gain weight after fasting. Why? Because initially your body loses water which a lot of us will assume to have lost fat. As soon as you start eating again, due to the slowed down metabolism, your body will store the unused fat leading to gain in weight.


Therefore, an expert guidance is a must for fasting to work effectively.


What alternative can help lose weight?

Well, all the researches have proven that fasting will not help and instead is dangerous. To lose weight, one thing you can do is start eating healthy low carb food. Low carb and high fibers and nutrients can fulfill all your requirements for the day while still not adding extra calories to your body. An effective way to lose significant weight in a short period.



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