Horror Nights

Last week, I finally got to experience Universal Studios' Horror Nights after four years of living in Southern California. After experiencing other Halloween themed events at smaller amusement parks, I was expecting a lot from Universal Studios because I always heard about it during the Halloween season. One of the first amusement parks I went to for Halloween was Great America in Santa Clara, known as Halloween Haunt. This special event through the month of October included a ton of actors that surrounded the entire theme park dressed up to scare people. There were also a variety of mazes, which were scary because actors would actually come out of a corner to scare you as you're walking through. One time, a guy with a chainsaw popped out of a corner while I was walking through the maze. The lines were decent enough where I had time to experience the other mazes through the night. Although, it's been a while since I've been back at Great America for their Halloween Haunt.

At Horror Nights, it was the same exact concept but still a little different. The moment I walked through the entrance to Universal Studios, there was a little Chucky doll talking away, not anything that special. As I walked further in, that's when there were dressed up actors scaring people. Their costumes were scary and nice, but there weren't enough of them in my opinion. With so many people at the theme park, there was a huge difference between the ratio of people and actors dressed up. Also, the actors were only near the entrance of the park. Once you got more into the park, there wasn't anyone scaring people, which was a little disappointing. The mazes were themed by popular films and shows, which I thought was exciting. The only maze I got to actually go through was Stranger Things, which was good. The maze went through the different chapters and it was set up like the scenes in the show. Although, the wait was over two hours long! I would rate the Stranger Things maze a 7/10. There was a long wait for almost every maze, making it hard to experience the other mazes. Instead, my friends and I went on the rides that were open since there wasn't a long wait. The Transformers ride was around a thirty-minute wait, it went by fast.

Some tips I would give if you decide to go to Horror Nights, go when they open at 7:00 P.M. and try to experience the popular mazes first. It should be a significantly shorter wait time. Then after you get to go through the mazes you want, spend the rest of the time going on the rides that are open. 


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