Top Collaborative Software and the Advantages of Collaborative Software

Collaborative software is an application software that helps people work on a common task to attain their goals. Collaboration software helps companies to improve their communication, organize information and projects, provide structure to tasks, and develop ideas to improve employee efficiency. The concept is extended with computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW). The use of collaborative software in the business atmosphere can create a collaborative working environment. Collaboration software comprises many categories such as field activity management, online appointment management, social collaboration, and web conferencing software.

Top Vendors of Collaboration Software includes –

G Suite – G Suite is a special collaboration software package useful for small businesses of any size and teams. The platforms includes cloud computing tools, productivity software, collaboration and communication tools for increased productivity to stay ahead of the competition.

Zoho Project – Zoho Project is a cloud-based project management tool used to plan, track and collaborate the work efficiently. Zoho Project perform the task is associated with Team communication, project timekeeping, and bug tracking.

Connect – Connect is a web based collaboration software that provides a flexible workspace platform. Connect is a high-tech platform used for multiple sites to support transparent and error-free coordination.

Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams is a real-time communication and collaboration software that offers the users video meetings, business messaging and file-sharing with VoIP. Microsoft Team is highly customizable and provides different pricing plans as per the need and requirement. It can be integrated with Office 365.

Cisco Webex Meetings – Cisco Webex Meetings is a cloud-based online software that allows the team to virtually connect with each other in real-time to plan and manage business projects. The platform is highly secured and helps users to connect to a team via desktop, browser, mobile, or video device anywhere in the world.

Bitrix24 – Bitrix24 is a free cloud based collaboration platform that provides communication tools, project management, social collaboration tools, employee engagement, group chat, shared calendars and many more. Bitrix24 is associated with all the gadgets of management, association, and communication.

Other vendors of Collaboration software are Nifty Technologies, Missive, Kitovu Pty Ltd, Wimi, Proactive Software, Kite, iControl, 1984 Group, Zoho, Focal Cast, Unify, Brief, Doist, LoomZeplinStride (Atlassian)Spike, Loki Project, FriyayBasecamp, Atlassian and Coda.

Advantages of Collaboration software

Collaboration software enable employees to share documents, messages, videos, and other information in various formats with team members. The flow of information can improve efficiency and lead to fast communication within the organization.

Collaboration software allows the remote teams to work efficiently by scheduling daily meetings to keep team members informed about current tasks, plan sprints, instant feedbacks and real-time reports.

Collaboration software allows the teams to organize their workflows efficiently by sharing public or personal calendars about their meetings and deadlines. So, businesses can plan and schedule their goals and activities accordingly.

Collaboration software helps managers to find the right specialist for the right task. The software can better organize project’s software development team structure.


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