Advantages and disadvantages of cloud services

The current situation has changed a lot, both in professional life and in private, many activities have shifted to virtual space due to the restrictions on combating the coronavirus. In their free time, the latest games are played on the console or players try their luck in the online slots australia or with the virtual slot machine game.

Big tech companies like Google and Microsoft are just seeing their sales skyrocket. But there is also a lot of work required, because in today's situation innovative concepts are also necessary that can be used to efficiently organize working life from home in the home office.
An achievement of technology developers and the Internet are the cloud services, which enable files to be shared and accessed by several people.
What exactly are cloud services?
Cloud services or cloud computing are storage facilities on the Internet in order to provide files, software, databases and network components there. Authorized users can access the files and information from any device with the appropriate app and access data.


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