Why Employers Will Pay Reparations for Forced COVID Vaccination

To date, over 6,985 have died from the COVID vaccine in the United States and more than 411,911 adverse reactions have been reported. Adverse events include anaphylaxis, neurological disorders, heart conditions, autoimmune disorders, blindness and deafness, infertility, fetal damage, miscarriages, and other long-term chronic diseases.

The Covid injections are “experimental mRNA vaccines” which the FDA has only allowed under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). However, the government, media and corporations are promoting them as though they are guaranteed “safe”. The “experimental” vaccine violates Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention and violates all 10 Nuremberg Codes.

Pharmaceutical companies are protected from liability but the companies who mandate experimental vaccines are not protected from civil lawsuits. Employers will need to reconsider the costs associated with disability insurance, long-term care, worker’s compensation, and attorney fees related to protracted litigation in the courts.




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