MEDDIC Sales Process: For B2B Marketing And Selling Success

It is essential to understand the MEDDIC sales process if you are looking to increase your B2B marketing and selling success. MEDDIC is a short form that indicates the Metric, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and Champion. This methodology lays strong emphasis on the potential prospect, aiming to ensure a profitable return on the sales efforts. MEDDIC helps you in understanding and qualifying prospects. As a result, you'll know whether you are selling to the right people in the right way, increasing possibilities of closing deals.


The top-down, big-picture approach to sales prospecting is known as considerable picture sales prospecting. The ultimate goal of this technique is to ensure a decent return on investment for your marketing efforts. This qualification framework eliminates wasted time looking for poor leads. In addition, it aids in the understanding and evaluation of prospects.


You'll be able to tell whether you're selling to the appropriate individuals in the proper way, which will increase your chances of closing the deals. In addition, it helps you narrow your attention to improving customer criteria.


The sales method is known as "win-now" is a highly controlled, tech-driven, and disciplined approach to the sales process. Quantitative criteria for lead qualification are established using metrics and other relevant data, which demand the search and nurturing of a "champion" in the prospect who promotes the seller's brand or solution.


Let's look at each component of the MEDDIC acronym in further depth.


Metrics are measurable and calculable benefits that customers anticipate getting from your solution. It might be anything from cost savings to increased income or profits. These metrics assist in communicating the economic advantages of your solution.

Economic Buyer

An economic buyer is a person who can make a buying decision, whether it be for himself or on behalf of someone else. He has ultimate authority over the transaction because he controls the finances and ultimately has the power to make the ultimate call. Thus, the "economic buyer" is the person in charge of your product or service at the point of sale.

Decision Criteria

Understand how a prospect evaluated the elements that influenced their purchasing decision. Discover what technical, legal, and commercial criteria they consider. This will assist you in determining whether or not you can satisfy their requirements.

Decision Process

The Decision Criteria that we've reviewed above are a list of criteria that influence a company's purchasing decision. The decision process, on the other hand, describes how the decision is made and implemented. It's the organizational method for reaching a purchase decision.

Identify pain-points

Customers don't want to feel pain, and businesses look for a solution to problems. Therefore, you must pinpoint these company pain points and the reasons behind them to offer a solution and relieve prospects from them.


A champion is a critical player in the business who works with consultants and vendors to resolve problems. They're actively involved in getting your product implemented. These champions recognize your ability to assist and are therefore committed to you.


MEDDIC is a proven sales process that can help you sell more products and services. This four-phase approach to selling was created by the US Army in 1966 but has since been adopted for use in B2B marketing and selling success across many industries. Learn how this framework will benefit your company by reading our blog post on what MEDDIC stands for, why it's so helpful when you should apply it, and which steps are involved with each phase of the process. We hope these tips have helped give you some ideas about improving your bottom line while also helping customers find their solutions faster!


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