14 Tips To Write Great Blog Posts And Get Blog Traffic

There are some general guidelines that should be followed when blogging which would help a beginner write better.

1. Format every blog post to make sure they are compatible for scan reading on a mobile device/tablet. The best way to do is to prepare your blog in a word processing program first, then copy and paste your text into your WikiOmni’s blog creating page; then insert the image(s) when you are editing the blog.

2. Constrain column width to about 80 characters or less including spaces.

3. Good use of images will draw readers to your blog post. Ideally the images will emphasize your message which makes the overall text look more attractive.

4. Use links within your blog posts. This would help NOT only increase the clicks of your blog but also help with your blog’s search engine rankings. Whether you are linking to other blogger’s blogs or websites that contain pertinent information or linking to any of your own blog posts.

5. Use numbered lists or bulleted lists to organize your blog and help readers connect with your material so that they understand it more easily and clearly & can navigate to the information they are looking for quickly.

6. Use punctuation correctly to break up a long sentence. That said, long sentences are fine so long as the meaning is clear.

7. Short paragraphs are easy for readers to digest, especially when reading on-screen. 2 to 5 sentences per paragraph would be a good guideline for your blog post.

8. Font type choose fonts that are easy to read on-screen. Lots of successful bloggers use the Sans-serif font, Calibri or Arial.

9. Avoid the italics and or hand script fonts: italics and or faux hand script fonts are not great for on-screen reading, your readers may decide that it’s not worth the hassle to decipher it.

10. Font size should be comfortable to read but not aggressively large. The best font size would be between sizes of 11 – 14 for the body of the blog and between 14 – 16 for the title.

11. Use bold text to draw people’s attention to key points of your text but do not overuse it. Be judicious in your selection of what areas to highlight using bold text.

12. Avoid all Capital letters in whole sentence; persistent capitalization has become the online equivalent of shouting at someone so you would not want to give off that perception. Plus, it is hard to read texts where entire sentences are all capitalized.

13. Background and text color; Most blogs are black text on white color background but if you are feeling creative and would like to try mixing and matching to make your blog look good you may. Try to combine colors that are easy for your fans to read. Or, you can employ colors in a similar way as in #11, using color to draw attention to major keywords which are important parts of the sentence or the paragraph.

14. Tell a great story correctly having a concise beginning, middle, and end to your narrative will allow it to flow properly for easier reading.


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