Natural Pet Food - How Important Is It?

An unhealthy diet can lead to unhealthy pets. This direct link between a pet’s diet and health can result in multiple issues such as a skin condition, thyroid or even trigger allergies. As a responsible pet parent, it is important to know what exactly constitutes your pet’s food. With growing concerns and multiple resources of knowledge on pet foods, pet parents are now more aware of the benefits involved in switching to feed natural pet foods.


Understanding A Pet’s Natural Diet


A healthy diet is the foundation of good health. A pet’s health care is highly dependent on a healthy diet and it consists of a variety of wholesome plant and animal-based food. The natural diet of our furry companions is based on hunting like carnivores. Even though it has been thousands of years since evolution, their digestive systems remain the same.


A canine has evolved from wolves while a feline from big cats in the wild. A feline is an obligate carnivore and is designed by nature to only be able to consume and digest raw foods. Its short intestinal tracts are intended to assimilate raw food like fish, birds or small rodents.


Over the years, domesticated canines and felines have been fed commercially prepared pet foods that are relatively inexpensive and quite convenient. But now there is a deeper and improved understanding of a pet’s natural diet. Well-informed pet parents and veterinarians are becoming more aware of a pet’s true nutritional requirements. Cost and convenience now take a back seat. There is more emphasis on buying premium quality natural ingredients based pet foods that are prepared in a wholesome and hygienic manner.


Poor nutrition can cause serious illnesses. To help avoid these illnesses and change traditional practices of feeding commercially prepared pet food, serious pet food manufacturers are now offering the healthiest natural food options for pets of all breeds, sizes and ages.


What Is Natural Pet Food?


Natural pet food means a type of pet food that consists of only natural ingredients, added vitamins and minerals and free from chemical additives and preservatives. Each ingredient is derived solely from an animal, plant, or mineral source in an unprocessed state. The ingredients from these sources can be subject to heat processing, hydrolysis, purification extraction, fermentation and physical processing. However, these are not subject to a chemical process containing preservatives, additives or other processing aids. 


Naturally extracted and composed pet food reassures natural quality, freshness and food without chemical additives. Additionally, these naturally derived pet foods use the highest quality ingredients and each ingredient is listed honestly on their packaging.


Why Are Naturally-Derived Pet Foods Considered Healthy?


Compared to mass-manufactured pet foods, foods derived from natural sources are a healthier choice for pets. These are made with 100% natural and high-quality ingredients and do not contain by-products such as heads, feet, intestines or any harmful synthetic chemicals. Naturally-derived pet foods are rich in a variety of proteins from plant and animal sources. The amino acids present in proteins are necessary for the growth and maintenance of a pet’s skin, coat, muscle, bone and immune system.


The natural ingredients used in these high quality pet foods have essential omega-6 and omega 3 acids, which help build bones, teeth, hair, coat and immunity. Additional benefits include improved metabolism, healthy cardiovascular and reproductive functions. Feeding naturally obtained high quality pet foods to a pet can help reduce skin diseases, digestive disorders and lower the chances of triggering allergies. With these multiple benefits, pets feel more active and full of energy and live a better quality long life with strong immunity.


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