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000 VND / child reduced to 200. Step on the Golden Bridge, watch the scenery of the mountains and mountains, clouds floating at the feet suddenly feel too small in front of nature, before nature. We started to think that Vietnam deserves to be known to the world more

However, that position was not maintained for long. Inside the cellar there are 14 wine niches, including 9 small and 5 large niches. Why? Because you come to Ba Na any season, every day, you will also see the subjects here are living in the partying atmosphere of Western festivals

The average humidity in Ba Na is up to 93%, so there is usually fog appearing in the afternoon and after thunderstorms create a wonderful cool feeling. Here you will also visit Linh Ung Ba Na Pagoda. Designed with 7 main areas, each area is a symphony with different colors, the old French village impresses with the ancient architectural complex of St Denis church, Chateau De Chenonceau or a village. The ancient has a unique shape of Conques Aveyron seashells and famous towns Denis, Eze, ... After checking in all corners of the old French village, don't forget to stop by the very Western cafes. Here to enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the chilly air of Ba Na Hill and let your soul float along to the charming French music! Debay Old Wine Cellar The most visited schedule in Ba Na Hill is Debay ancient wine cellar, a wine cellar built by the French with a age of nearly 100 years

The main hall has three rooms, three floors with tiled roof according to temple architecture traditional temple. Occasionally, the sound of the temple bell coming from the Bell Floor makes people's hearts more peaceful. If you find this article or please share it for family and friends to explore together.

That afternoon, we opened the Morin hotel, on the top of the mountain is a five-color cloud. Debay Wine Cellar in Ba Na Hills Ba Na Hills Resort is not only famous for a long time The ancient French radio, the globally famous Golden Bridge or the world's leading cable car system, but also by the bustling festivals, jubilantly all year round. At the cable car station, you buy a cable car ticket to reach the top of Ba Na at the ticket booth at the foot of the mountain

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