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When using a labeled pesticide product that is subject to a manufacturer's protection standard, regulators comply with the requirements of the federal worker protection standard. If you do not meet the requirements of the Worker Protection Standard, you are violating federal law because it is illegal to use a pesticide product in violation of its labels.

Respirator Medical Clearance

All personnel required to wear a respirator must first undergo a medical examination. The employee must complete a confidential questionnaire in person or by mail prior to the medical examination. The employer must provide information on the products used, the type of respirator required, other personal protective equipment, extreme temperature or humidity conditions, as well as how much time and exercise to wear while wearing the respirator.

A licensed physician or healthcare professional will review the form, issue a permit, or request additional testing. One or two out of ten people require additional tests as determined by their medical history. The employer or farm owner can suspend the process at any time and assign the employee to other work that does not require the use of a respirator. The operator cannot wear a respirator until the employer has obtained written medical permission.

Fit Testing

Once the employee has obtained medical permission to use the respirator, the next step is to install the required masks on the product labels. While WPS does not require testing to be performed by a certified professional, employers should know that testing is preferable due to liability.

A quality compliance test that asks an employee to detect odor when wearing a mask is cheaper and less accurate and can affect test results. Quantitative tests require more sophisticated equipment, but the person performing the test cannot influence the results. Some providers charge more for quantitative compliance testing. If employers choose to test their employees, quality test kits, including instructions, can be ordered online.

Providers of Respiratory Protection Services

Depending on the number of employees to be medically Respirator Clearance and examined, relative cost and geographic location, employers and farm owners have the opportunity to follow the new rules, as shown in Tables 1-3. For large operations, it may be beneficial to hire a vendor to perform on-site testing.

For multiple employees, attending a local fit test event may be best. In some parts of the state, walking clinics are a convenient option. Employees should be carefully trimmed for testing and bring the following: the mask they normally wear, including accessories; any PPE that may affect mask compatibility, and your prerecorded medical clearance.


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