Launch a Glovo Clone and Be the Leader of Quick Commerce

There is one startup that is growing every day? Guess who? It is obviously Glovo. The on-demand courier delivery platform has a strong user base in 21 nations. “Name it and you will get it” is an appropriate way to describe the Barcelona-based platform. Customers can get high-quality alcohol, food, groceries, and medicines just with the tap of a button. Entrepreneurs aiming to transform the global logistics industry can get a Glovo clone from an app development company. 

How does a Glovo Clone Script function?

It works based on the concept of dark stores. Users place their orders online and delivery personnel will fulfill them instantly. Techpreneurs will benefit from low operating costs as setting up a distribution center is more economical than building a huge supermarket. 

A Glovo clone platform is filled with the right set of features and functionalities. It contains a consignment tracking dashboard, multiple payment options, a rating and review system, a reordering facility, and a store discovery mechanism. 

What are the multiple revenue streams for digipreneurs?

The numerous sources of revenue for entrepreneurs from a Glovo like platform are a commission from fast food outlets, flower shops, hotels, liquor shops, restaurants, and supermarkets. They can also maximize their wealth by expanding to different countries. For instance, Glovo recently launched its business operations in Tema, a city in Ghana. 

Besides that, entrepreneurs can acquire competitors to increase their market share. The Glovo platform procured 2 startups, Lola Market and Mercado in Madrid and Portugal respectively. Ultimately, they can pocket more profits and consolidate their position as the market leader. 

Final Thoughts

Importantly, Glovo’s quick commerce (QC) division is expected to surpass a Gross Transaction Value (GTV) of 300 million euros by the end of this year and 1 billion euros in 2022. 

Visionaries with a transformative mindset can join hands with a skilled development company and obtain a Glovo clone. They can move ahead of their competitors swiftly. 


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