How to find the best Immigration Consultancy in India for Canada?

Sometimes when you are confused or are facing difficulty, its best to consult someone. And in case of handling professional cases, it's best to hire a Consultant.

Last year, I planned immigration to Canada and when I was facing difficulties and confusion while handling the documentation and the complicated process, I decided to hire an Immigration Consultant who would help me during the entire process. The first one I hired turned out to be a total fraud, on whom I just wasted a lot sum of money. So, I really wanted to help people to know how to find the Best among the Canada Immigration Consultants in India (read here: don’t fall for the frauds.

So the first thing you should see is whether the Consultant is ICCRC certified or not. Only consult the certified one. Search for a certified Canadian Immigration Consultant list in India to get to know. The next thing you can do is after getting the list, go through their websites one-by-one and explore them. Check their experience, success rates, testimonials, reviews, work history and most important of all their Fee structure. Moreover, you can talk to their previous clients and ask for their experience with the Consultant.

You can even ask some of your contacts, colleagues, family, friends or anyone in your network if they know any good immigration consultant they know or have worked with. Word-of-mouth sometimes gives the best recommendations. Check LinkedIn too.

If you have shortlisted a list, then contact them either through a telephonic query talk or in-person talk. Though an in-person talk with them will help you get to know them better, whether they are real or not and whether you will be comfortable working with them or not. Interact with them: you can share with them some problems you were struggling with during the immigration process and can hear their solutions. You should feel comfortable talking to them. So, while selecting the best check whether they provide you with a customer-friendly atmosphere or not. 

The way a person talks and communicate tells a lot about that person and the knowledge that the person has. The same applies here, the Consultant will brief you about the process, the different ways to immigrate to Canada and how they will help you. 

If you feel satisfied, then go with the best! Make sure the one you hired fits your expectation level and is the Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in India from the others you have met so far.

Best of luck with your quest to find the best!

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