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When you make a catalogue, you make a folder for it, also. The name of this folder will be the same as the name of this catalog, without the catalogue suffix. By way of example, if you name the folder"Nude Photographs," the catalogue file will probably be"Wedding Photographs. lrcat". After you add pictures to the catalogue, Lightroom Classic generates a preview cache file (like"Wedding Photos Previews. Lrdata") and puts it at the folder with the catalogue. Choose File > New Catalog. Specify the name and location of the new catalogue folder, and then click Save (Windows) or Create (Mac OS). Lightroom Classic resets and displays an empty Library module, ready for you to import pictures. When you start a different catalogue, Lightroom Classic shuts the current catalog and relaunches. Choose File > Open Catalog. From the Open Catalog dialog box, define the catalogue file and click Open. You can even pick a catalog in the File > Open Recent menu. If prompted, click Relaunch to close the current catalogue and relaunch Lightroom Classic. You can also change general tastes to specify which catalogue opens when Lightroom Classic starts. Watch Change the default catalogue. You can open, or importa catalogue from an earlier version of Lightroom Classic, such as a beta version, at a more recent version of Lightroom Classic. If you do, then Lightroom Classic upgrades it.
The newest, upgraded catalog comprises all the metadata related to the former catalog and photos. Start Lightroom Classic for the first time. If you've opened Lightroom Classic previously, choose File > Open Catalog. Navigate to the old catalogue. Lrcat file, then click Open. If you can't remember where the old catalog is located, search for"lrcat" in the Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac OS). If prompted, then click Relaunch to shut the current catalogue and restart Lightroom Classic. (Optional) In the Lightroom Catalog Upgrade dialog box, change the title of this upgraded catalogue. By default, the catalog will be termed as <currentCatalogName>-v10. The choice to give a title for an upgraded catalog is available in Lightroom Classic The catalogs in Lightroom Classic are not backward compatible. Catalog from fresh Lightroom Classic variant cannot be opened at the old versions. For more information, see Are catalogs in Lightroom Classic backwards compatible. However, when you update a catalog, Lightroom Classic renders the older catalogue untouched, makes a copy of the old catalogue, and renames its previews file. So, after update you will end up with the following files: old-catalog. Lrcat (old catalogue ) old-catalog-v10. Lrcat (upgraded catalog) old-catalog-v10-Previews. lrdata (renamed from old-catalog Previews. lrdata) old-catalog-v10 Sync. lrdata (renamed from old-catalog Sync.        


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