Establish a decentralized trading platform using our local bitcoin exchange script

Rule the growing crypto industry by investing in our Local Bitcoin Exchange Script. The prime features that we render include online and offline trading facility on Android and iOS, swift dispute resolution between different users, a secure escrow wallet, two-factor authentication, support for multiple types of coins, advertisement facility for both buyers and sellers, real-time display of pricing, and spot KYC/AML verification. 

The steps comprise traders registering on the exchange, posting their advertisements on the platform mentioning details regarding the payment method, price, lower and upper limits, and terms of the trade, the user selects either the buy or the sell option, the escrow wallet holds custody of the specific amount of the cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency will be released by the escrow wallet after the seller has received the payment slip from the buyer, disputes will be resolved by analyzing the evidence supplied by the respective trade participants. 


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