Dealing with Difficult Customers - Part 4

In our quest to learn how to be the most effective Customer Service Representatives we can be, we’ve learned the importance of carefully controlling our experiences with difficult customers by allowing them time to get out their complaint and letting them know we’ve heard and received their input through attentiveness and action.

In my last installment I wrote about the importance of Active Listening over passive listening. In this installment, I’ll break down the 5 key points in Active Listening that are the reason why it is so effective.

1. Be patient: Your opportunity to provide them with a solution will come. Your patience in hearing/listening to their complaint will be rewarded by not only understanding the real issue, but also in their appreciation of your attentiveness.

2. Let them vent: Remember, for them the journey is just as important as the destination. Allowing them to vent their frustration means you are respectfully listening. It also helps you to…

3. Understand their situation: And accept it needs to be addressed for the good of the customer, your good and that of your company. Also, truly understanding it means you can apply a solution that directly applies to their specific issue.

4. Take Notes: When we take notes we’re able to remember and respond to critical points. We can repeat their points back to them, providing them with reassurance they’ve been heard and that we will…

5. Take appropriate action: Once you’ve been patient enough to let them talk so that you truly understand the reason behind their anger, then you’re perfectly positioned to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue and, therefore, resolve their anger.

That’s it. It’s not rocket science, but it is the science of mind and psychology. It is also your mindfulness of help and concern; of being truly interested in helping others reach the best possible resolution for all concerned.



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