Some Basic Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

If the world of Feng Shui is something new for you and you want to venture more into it. This is the place for you. While Feng Shui is a complex body of knowledge and you will need some kind of guidance for it if you really want to engage with it. However, if you are just trying to see if it is the thing for you. Then, there are a few things you can start this journey of by yourself and see where it hits off! 

Start at Home: Take your initial small steps in this space first because you can easily manipulate the settings here. You will also do things in the capacity that you are comfortable in. The basic point of Feng Shui ( to make sure that your entire house gets complete focus and it feels like one coherent unit. For example, we spend a lot of time decorating our living room, dining room and bedroom. However, utility areas like the pantry to your kitchen, washing areas, or other utility areas get neglected ultimately. These too can matter a lot sometimes because you never really know what exactly is blocking good energy from entering your house. 

The basic points that can affect these energy flows are the front door colour, the placement of the door and what do you store under the staircase, etc. This is usually because they are the main portals for energy flow in the house. The placement of your furniture, mirrors, personal trinkets and objects- all of these can diffuse good or bad energy, depending on where it has been placed. 

Another very important aspect that blocks the flow of chi within the house is clutter. One of the biggest obstacles in our homes is unnecessary things we never use or need. So, that can be a great place to start. We all have that one room, cupboard or even drawer, where we have blindly kept things for a very long time. You need to sort all such places in your house if any. This is simply because the space you live in has to be a clean and hygienic place to live in. This is particularly important if there has been prolonged sickness in the family. If there is anything you feel you have no need for, give it away. There is no point of crowding up space that can otherwise be used efficiently. 

Something as basic as keeping the bathroom door closed properly is also a point Feng Shui consultant in Bangalore focuses on. This is because one of the concepts of Feng Shui is that it relates water with wealth. That is where the symbolism comes from. So, even if you have a loose door bolt, you have to get that fixed. If you have a newborn baby, it is important to keep its crib away from the door and make sure that there are no (or very few) electrical devices close to the crib. Otherwise, there is electromagnetic energy close to the child.    

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