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For years there have been wrong notions that braces are meant for kids only. A research reveals that there are numerous adults who have crooked or misaligned teeth. The main reason is that they were unable to get them corrected when they were young due to lack of awareness or affordability. But, there are numerous types of braces for adults and that teeth correction can also be done in adults.

Over the years the orthodontic treatments have advanced a lot and many orthodontic treatments have been introduced for adults. These new kinds of braces not only help to align the crooked teeth but also help to restore the shape of mouth thus improving their looks.

There are basically four types of dental braces available for treatment.


  1. Metal braces:

One of the most common and traditional method of correcting crooked teeth is the metal braces. In this method stainless steel wires are used to bind the teeth and bring them in the desired position. It is one of the cheap braces for adults available in the market. One disadvantage is that it is glaringly visible making the person look weird and conscious. It also irritates the gums and gets dislodged if the person eats hard food. Any precautions need to be taken when you get the metal braces fitted.


  1. Ceramic braces:

Another kind of brace an orthodontist ma recommend is ceramic braces.  It is a bit heavy on the pocket compared to the metal braces, but on the other hand they are very convenient compared to the meta braces. One point of concern in the ceramic braces is that though these braces are the same as the colour of teeth, but they get stained easily when the person consumes teeth staining foods or beverages like coffee. Staining of the ceramic braces requires quick replacement with another set of braces frequently.Also, ceramic braces are sensitive and prone to breakage. Its installation also requires considerable care.


  1. Clear braces:

Also known as invisible braces, they are the most expensive types of braces for adults. As the name suggests, they are not visible and is suitable for those who don’t have major teeth alignment problem. Clear braces, do not come with brackets. In this process, along with the custom fitted aligner, lingual brace is installed. Here the wearer, removes the braces when eating or brushing his teeth. These kinds of bracesrequire different aligners every once in two weeks. These kinds of braces for adults helps to reduce the gaps in the teeth and align them.


  1. Lingual braces:

Another kind of brace an orthodontist may suggest according to your requirement is the Lingual braces. These kinds of braces are fixed behind the teeth making the teeth visible. It is most expensive kind of braces because the installation process requires skilled, professional and experienced orthodontist. It is suitable only for adults as it does not work on small teeth.

All the above types of braces are suitable for adults even as bottom teeth braces. A competent orthodontist will suggest you the best set of braces according to the requirement of your teeth.




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