5 Fun Things Must-Dos Inside The Singapore Zoo

Singapore is a treasure for you who love the wildlife reserves. The Singapore Zoo, for instance, is the home of more than 2,400 specimens around the world. The zoo itself is aimed to rescue wildlife under government authority. 

With its open concepts, Singapore Zoo has gained a strong international reputation. Moreover, 34 percent of the specimens here are threatened animals. Imagine how many fun things that you can do inside this 26-hectare wildlife reserve.

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Are you ready to visit the Singapore Zoo? You can do these 5 fun things and must-dos later during your visit to the zoo!

1. Breakfast with Orangutans

The Singapore zoo is the only zoo in the world that offers you to have breakfast with a family of Orangutans. The program itself is called ‘Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife’. All you need to do is go to Ah Meng Restaurant inside the Zoo, the breakfast will start at 9 AM to 10:30 AM.

We recommend you come early in the morning to skip the line. And please make a booking for this prior to your visit.

2. Feed the Animals!

Another fun thing that you can do inside the Singapore Zoo is feeding the animals with your hand! Here, you can feed the giraffes, elephants, goats, even the giant tortoise. 

You will have a close-up and personal experience with these beautiful creatures. Please remember to come early since the best spot to feed the animal will be determined by them who got there first. However, to avoid overfeeding, the Singapore Zoo has given limitations on how many people can feed the animals. 

You might want to watch how the white tigers and the lions are eating. They can finish tons of meat in seconds. To know when these animals will be given food, you can check their feeding times scheduled. 

3. Enjoying the Shows!

The Singapore Zoo has four amazing shows not to be missed. You can enjoy the Splash Safari, Animal Friends, Elephants Presentation, and the Rainforest Fight Back. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see them all. 

There are also some special events, such as the Rainforest Lumina. You will be challenged with a multisensory experience by singing, playing, and dancing with the Creature Crew. 

4. Hop in the Tram and Take Pictures with The Animal

If you feel tired walking to all those attractions, just hop in the Singapore Zoo Tram. It costs S$5 for adults and S$3 for each child. The ticket is for unlimited rides!

On the other hand, the best souvenir that you might want from visiting the zoo is tons of photos with the animals. At some time there will be photo sessions as well with the animals. You can take the beautiful picture with a selfie stick or ask the friendly zoo keeper’s to take it for you.

5. Prepare the Bathing Suit for Rainforest Kidzworld

Kids will surely love the Rainforest Kidzworld section at this zoo. They can experience how to nurture animals at the pet farm animals. You can also ask your children to take rides on the merry-go-round and jump on trampolines.

The two most favorites though here for children are taking pony rides and playing at the water play area. Prepare their bathing suits, mom and dad!

Visiting the Singapore Zoo is beyond just seeing the animals. You can learn new things here and satisfy your curiosity. 

To make it more memorable, you can shop at the retail store inside the zoo to bring some charming souvenirs for your beloved one. So let’s add Singapore Zoo onto your must visit lists when travel is possible again.


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