How to ask your crush out and the best places for the first date

It looks so easy in the movies. A guy asks a girl out and she says “yes”. Then they have this super romantic date that grows in something bigger. Unfortunately it’s not that easy when it comes to the real life. Sometimes it’s so hard to make ourselves even start talking to our crush, much less ask for a date.

In this post I want to share the best life hacks that will certainly help to ask a girl out for a date.

1. Prepare

If you really like the girl and don’t want to get a reject right away, try to prepare before taking any actions.

First of all, make sure to get to know her better. You may have some common friends. Also, you can check her social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). This will give you a better idea about her job, hobbies, favourite places, etc. Since it’s a totally public information it should not be creepy.

Second of all, make sure you are ready. Women like good looking and confident men. Therefore, check such a basic things like haircut, nails, whether you are shaved well, etc. Also, wear clean good looking clothing and shoes.

And the most important is to be confident. When you talk to a woman you can speak seriously or make some jokes. But make sure you speak confidently. They love it.

2. Use her Weaknesses as a Weapon

Each woman has her weaknesses. There are some things which she cannot resist. But you have to know about them in advance. For example, some women love pets very much. Others would kill for a good food or tickets to their favourite band.

If you know her weaknesses it will be easy for you to find a key to her heart. If you offer her something she cannot refuse you will get her on a date.

3. Coffee Magic

The most universal and working way to get your crush on a date is coffee. Most of the world drink it. If you ever worked in the office you certainly know what I’m talking about. Sometimes it’s literally impossible to make any decision or start any work until you have a cup of coffee.

So, you can bring it to her job if you are colleagues. Furthermore, you can discuss some news or new project at a coffee shop. There is certainly something magical when you hold your cups of a hot drink and have a nice talk.

4. Pets

Pets help people a lot. They will also help to communicate with your crush. For example, if you both have dogs you can walk them together in the morning or in the evening. You can have a nice talk while your pets will play together.

Also, you can discuss them at your job or on a party. You have lots in common if you both have pets. You can show photos, videos and send them to each other from time to time.

Women treat their pets almost like their children. Therefore, take it seriously.

5. Sports

Sports is another life hack for meeting girls and asking the out for a date. For instance, if you know she jogs every morning, just join her. Ask for her help. Something like “may I please run with you since I badly need a motivation...” should work.

One more good example is a beach activity. People love playing volleyball and frisbee there. Offer her to play with you. When you become a team in a game you break your first barrier.

Another popular example is a gym. If she visits some fitness center or yoga classes it is a great chance to start your communication there. You can ask for some advice or praise her workout. 

Here are much more working techniques how to ask a girl out on date with ease.

Best Conversation Topics on the 1st date

Alright, you asked her out and she said “yes”. Great job but it’s a bad time to relax. Now you have the most important battle in this war. It’s your first date. What are the good topics for that?

1. Hobby. It’s the easiest and the most appropriate topic for your first date. Ask her what she likes to do in her free time. Let her speak about her favourite things. People willingly talk about the stuff they like.

2. Music & Movies. Ask her what is her favourite movies, characters, genre, etc. Discuss the films that you’ve also watched. Also, you can talk about the music she listens to, bands, singers, songs, etc. Music and movies is super important since it can help you arrange you second date.

3. Travel. It is a nice topic especially if you both like travelling. Discuss the countries you’ve visited, speak about the local cultures, people and nice places. If you make her remember the good places from her trips you will make her feel good.

4. Food. Another excellent topic is food. To varying degrees, we all love to eat well. Ask her what cuisine she prefers, what she likes for breakfast and lunch. What did she try when she visited other countries? It’s also a good info for your future date in restaurant for example.

5. Work. Average time we spend on our jobs is 8 hours. 1 more hour we go or return from our work. So, it’s also a large layer of conversation topics. You can talk about interesting projects, funny stories about your customers or colleagues. Also, if she likes her job and plans to grow in this industry.

Here are the best conversation topics on a date: first, second and third.

So, be confident, prepare for the first step and use one of the above mentioned life hacks. Try to get to know the girl better on your first date. Let her speak. Make your date casual and pleasant for both.

And the main thing is not to be afraid of failure. In most of the cases it’s not because of you. However, it’s certainly an extremely import experience we all have to go through. Good luck!


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